1. I am a smooth coated Brussels Griffon, which is a type of dog, not a woodland critter, gremlin, ewok or other mythical creature.

2. My name is Sprout, and I was named after my mother’s (randomly specific) love of vegetable puns. 

3. My nicknames include Sproutie, Sproutito, Bandito, Puppito, Puppers, Sweet Potato and, sometimes when I’m feeling cheeky,  Sir Sproutie Von Brusselington.

4. I prance and bounce more than I walk. 

5. My birthday is January 15, 2016.  I may only be 1, but I am wise and lazy beyond my years.

6. I am not a morning pupper.

7. I live in downtown New York City.  I love sidewalk cafes, rooftop parties, Central Park, and sleeping on the subway. 

8. On occasion, I engage in dog-like behavior, namely, playing fetch, barking incessantly at toys I have intentionally dropped off the couch, and zooming around the living room for no apparent reason.

9. I do not enjoy inclement weather, and absolutely despise wind.

10. I am a total tricks nerd, and can wave, shake, give you a high-5 and a high-10, spin, dance, take a bow, kiss your cheek, weave between your legs, jump through your arms, do a handstand, twerk, and tilt my head on cue. I’m learning to walk on two legs and identify my toys by name. 

11. I refuse to roll over though – so undignified.

12. I was the runt my litter, and grew to be an unexpectedly small 5.5. lbs.  Don’t underestimate my size though.

13. I can be a little shy at first, and am very awkward when I try to get another dog to play with me.  It’s kind of like watching your 13-year-old try to ask his crush to the middle school dance.

14. I live a very good life, and while I was admittedly born with a silver bone in my mouth, I passionately believe that the fortunate have a responsibility to look out for those less fortunate. I love finding opportunities to help puppies in need and support the amazing work of rescue organizations and shelters. 

PSA: If you make a decision to find a dog through a breeder, please please please do your research and only work with responsible and ethical breeder – most national breed organizations (including the American Brussels Griffon Association) can help refer you to a reputable breeder in your area. Never shop at a pet store or buy a dog someone is willing to ship to you over the internet.  

15. The only time I smile is after a spirited game of fetchies.

16. I go to school to learn agility, and dream of being a champion one day.  When it’s not my turn in the ring, I sit on my mom’s foot and quietly whimper.

17. My spirit human is Ryan Gosling circa Crazy Stupid Love.  If we’re being honest, it’s probably more like Walter Matthau circa Grumpy Old Men.

18. I am not a vegetarian, but I prefer to eat minimally processed and ethically sourced foods.  I have a soft spot for venison jerky.

19. I love getting butt-scratchies.  Strangers putting their hand on top of my head is not my jam though.

20. I get extraordinarily pouty when I am tired.